Reasons To Wake Up Early

It’s nearing the end of the calendar year, which means it stays dark outside longer and waking up early is even more difficult for me than usual! It seems unfair for anyone to have to wake up before the sun rises, but that’s the reality of adult life. I’m not even a parent yet, but I work with children and I hear all sorts of stories about the parents’ kids waking them up at the ungodly hour of 5:00am!! I’m sure it’s something you get used to after a while, but I’m definitely not used to it yet and probably won’t have to worry about that for a couple more years.

However, even though I don’t have any children waking me up before the sun, I do know from experience that waking up early has its benefits! Waking up early is not my most favorite thing in the world, and some mornings can be extremely unpleasant if I’m tired enough, but it can still be worth it.

Here are just a few of my reasons to wake up early:

  • Taking your time to get ready. If you’re anything like me, rushing to get to work usually leads to forgetting things and feeling stressed all day. Whether you go to a job every day, need to run some errands, or just have housework to do, having plenty of time to yourself to get ready can be very worthwhile. Self-care is important, so why rush through it? Fix your hair if you want. Do some yoga. Make a cup of tea. Prepare some breakfast and scroll through your social media. It’s worth it!
  • More time in the day. If you work a job that has specific hours, this means you can have a little more time before work to do what you want like I said above! If you don’t necessarily have a specific schedule, having more time in the day allows you to complete a lot more tasks, get important things done earlier to have more free time in the evening, and time to just enjoy the day for what it is. I find that when I have less time in the day, the weeks seem to fly by without any memorable moments. That’s kind of sad if you ask me!
  • Being on time. When I wake up early, I’m more likely to be on time for things. Not really sure why. Perhaps it’s because I feel more ready for the day, or I’m excited to have more time in the day to get things done. This may not be a proven fact for everyone, but I definitely recommend it!
  • Watching the sunrise. Do you ever see those friends on Instagram who post pictures of a “sunrise hike” they went on? I have a few friends who go on sunrise hikes all the time, and their beautiful sunrise pictures always make me feel guilty for sleeping through it. I may not be able to get a gorgeous mountaintop view of the sunrise every day, but there’s something magical about being awake to watch the world wake up with the sun. Plus sunrises make for great photos even if they’re not from a mountaintop!

I may not always be the biggest fan of waking up early (my bed is just so comfortable!) but I know for a fact that I’m happier the rest of the day when I’m up early! There are so many things that can get done and relaxing things to enjoy in the process. Give it a try!

Do you enjoy waking up early, or do you despise mornings? What are your reasons? Let me know in the comments!

~Laura <3

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