Ramen & Ice Cream!

I started the day off in a not-so-great mood. I was super irritable and annoyed at my husband over silly things and, being the stubborn person I am, I was determined to have a bad day overall. However, I still went out anyway.

Mitch and I went with some of his friends to a local ramen shop for lunch. It’s one of our favorite restaurants, especially since Mitch spent some time in Japan a few years ago and absolutely adores ramen haha. We usually order the vegan ramen which uses a veggie broth instead of pork broth, and get tofu instead of meat. It’s pretty good!

This is probably the best ramen shop in the area. There are a couple others nearby but I’m pretty sure this one was first and it’s still the best in my book!
The restaurant is pretty dark inside, but not too dark to eat! They play anime on the televisions by the bar haha.
Vegan ramen: veggie broth, tofu, noodles, menma (bamboo), bean sprouts, and green onion.

My mood improved greatly after lunch. We walked around the surrounding area with our friends and I got to take some nice pictures of the trees. I’ve been determined to find some nice fall-colored trees before winter hits because the tree in our front yard is still green!

I can never resist a good closeup of a branch lol.
This bright red tree stuck out among the others!
These colors are so beautiful. I can’t get enough of them.

After walking around a bit, we headed over to an ice cream shop called Roxy’s. It’s super cute and has a very fun, almost retro vibe along with bright colors. It’s also awesome because they carry vegan ice cream! Unfortunately they don’t have the same vegan ice cream every time (I usually get the German Chocolate) so we tried the Pumpkin Cider vegan ice cream this time. It was good–very pumpkin-y at first, but then it tasted almost like orange sorbet….hmm. Either way, it was pretty good. I also appreciated that it wasn’t overly rich or sweet because that tends to make me feel sick.

My camera isn’t super HD but this is the best shot I could get haha
Mitch and his ice cream!
The colors in this shop are so cute.

I also made sure to have Mitch get some shots of me while we were out today too. That sounds a bit selfish, but I realized that there aren’t many full-body or candid shots of me in general. Usually I’m the photographer, so I don’t get to be in any photos unless they’re selfies. I felt really weird asking Mitch to take pictures of me, but I’m glad he did because I know it’ll be nice to look back and see what I looked like at this age.

Like I said, I feel weird asking people to take pictures of me so I don’t know how to pose haha. This wall was super cool though!
I like having my husband take pictures to see how he views things. This one turned out nice!

Overall it was a nice day. After getting ice cream and exploring the shops in the area with friends, we just went home and went back to our daily routines. I’m in a much better mood now lol.

~Laura <3



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