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Late Autumn Vibes

According to the calendar, autumn officially started back at the end of September. But if you live in the south like me, it probably hasn’t felt like autumn until this past week! It’s a bit hard to get into the seasonal mood when the trees are still full and green and the temperature is still 80°F! So even though it’s nearing the end half of the season, I’ve still had fun getting in the fall spirit.

There are many artists and bloggers I follow that love the autumn aesthetic. They’ll keep that aesthetic all year long! I’ve never particularly paid attention to the warm, muted colors of fall or the cozy sweaters and hot tea that come along with it. However, for some reason I’ve been really drawn to them this year! Perhaps it’s because my husband and I live in a real house in a real neighborhood where we can enjoy the coziness of our home and beauty of the nature surrounding it. You don’t really get to enjoy that in an apartment as much. We also have more opportunities to have friends and family over and throw Halloween parties, which we never got to do before!

This past Saturday, we had our very first Halloween party at our house. I’ve always admired my mom’s incredible party-planning abilities, so I knew growing up that I wanted to have lots of parties when I was an adult too (and by “parties” I don’t mean drinking and dancing, I mean nice get togethers with food and games and just hanging out!). It was fun getting the decorations and planning the games for our own party. Unfortunately I have had a lot of health stuff going on the past few months, so I was a bit scatterbrained and didn’t get to plan everything I wanted :(. Thankfully everyone still had a good time despite my lack of preparation and photography!

We had a lot of fun putting together this photo booth! Can you guess what my husband and I dressed up as?

Here’s a closeup of the painting I did for our costume! I watched a Bob Ross video to help me since landscapes aren’t my strong suit. It was fun though!

Me, my husband, my sister, and her boyfriend! It was great getting to see them in town for a couple days.

Some other fall-themed things I’ve enjoyed over the past few weeks are decorations and pumpkins! I’ve honestly never paid any attention to pumpkins but this year I found them very aesthetically pleasing. I had no idea white or green pumpkins existed, and I love the tiger-striped pumpkins! They’re so fun! It may just be me jumping on the bandwagon like everyone else, but I’m loving the current aesthetic trends. Light, soft, but somehow still warm colors for autumn are very appealing to me this year.

I also jumped on the chance to have cute porch decorations! I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have the stereotypical straw bale with pumpkins and scarecrows. Thankfully Walmart has very cheap and affordable fall decorations that are still super cute! Since it’s our first year living in a house I really wanted to decorate, but I also needed to stay within budget. This year’s decor was a great start to our seasonal decor collection that will hopefully build over time!

Pretty pumpkins at the grocery store I go to. They always have their produce well stocked and photogenic!

Our porch is pretty big and this decor is pretty small, but still cute!

Added this little “trick or treat” sign for Halloween night, but it’s normally just the wreath on the door.

Surprisingly, not many houses on our street had their lights on for trick-or-treaters. We wanted people to know our house was safe and inviting so we weren’t just those sketchy new neighbors that nobody knows haha. We made sure to have our lights on and got a good amount of trick-or-treaters as well!

Last but not least, I’m super excited for the cooler weather outside! I’m not a fan of being cold, but I really enjoy getting to wear cozy clothes. Summer is the worst for me because I get hot easily, so I feel like I can’t dress as cute as I would like. Finally I can wear sweaters, jackets, and boots without overheating!!

My “costume” for the Halloween party we had for our kids at work! I was excited to wear a jacket and scarf without getting too hot!!

Wearing long sleeves AND a pullover sweater with boots to church was so nice!!

Now all I need is some rain and some hot tea and I’ll be content with this autumn season! How are you spending this fall season? Do you like it or is there another season you prefer more? Thanks for checking out this little life update and hopefully I’ll be able to keep it up! Be sure to follow me on Instagram for more frequent photo updates as well. 🙂 See you next time!

~Laura <3



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