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If you’re like me, you may like the idea of being fashionable and looking stylish, but you hate feeling uncomfortable! One of my biggest pet peeves is having clothes that are either too fitted in the wrong areas, the neckline is weirdly too low or wide, or I feel like the only way the outfit looks right is if I stand perfectly still at all times.


Thankfully I feel like clothing manufacturers and fashion experts are finally realizing this, and the current trends actually encourage comfortable clothing. Of course, everyone has different opinions on what’s comfortable and what’s not, but I’m absolutely loving the idea of loose, baggy tops!

Since I’m not rich I can’t get all the baggy sweaters I could ever possibly want, but I can at least collect a few here and there! I was pleasantly surprised that Target has recently put out a lot of cute baggy sweaters, and they are actually quite affordable too! I only bought one last night but I plan to collect just a few more before the end of the year.


Just to ensure that the sweater was actually loose and comfy instead of fitted, I went up a couple sizes. I’m usually a Small (sometimes even an Extra Small depending on the brand) and this sweater is a Large! To be fair I probably didn’t need to go that high since it ended up being very wide for me, but the sleeves are just the right amount of looseness and it’s extremely comfortable!!

Sweater | Pants | Boots | Necklace (found at Forever21 but no longer available)

Where’s your favorite place to get cozy clothes? I know a lot of friends enjoy finding gems at thrift stores, but I’m usually unable to find any clothes I really like there. Let me know where you like to find sweaters and maybe it’ll help a friend out who’s been looking for some!

~Laura <3

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